Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs received the maximum sentence from a Texas jury on Tuesday.

Polygamist cult leader Warren Jeffs received the maximum sentence from a Texas jury on Tuesday. The 55-year-old was given a life sentence, plus 20 years.
Following his convictions of aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault of two young girls, ages 12 and 15, who he claimed were his "spiritual brides," Jeffs was accused of sexually abusing and manipulating them into a subservient lifestyle.
A jury agreed and convicted Jeffs on all counts.
Jeffs, W
Jeffs may have as many as 78 wives, according to prosecutors.

The horrific evidence the prosecution presented during the sentencing phase of the trial included shocking audio tapes of Jeffs instructing young girls how to sexually please him and recordings of him having sex.
One juror cried as the sexually graphic tapes were played.
Jeffs, 55, was the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and prosecutors claimed that he raped multiple girls and that he even sodomized his nephew when the young boy was just five.
Good riddance.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Drake Working With the Weeknd

Drake has been working with some pretty cool collaborators lately. We've learned that he's been working with Jamie xx on Take Care, the follow-up to his blockbuster 2010 debut Thank Me Later, and that he could appear on the next Florence and the Machine album. And as the Daily Swarm points out, last night Drake Tweeted that he's in the studio with a fellow Toronto-based musical entity, mysterious indie-R&B force the Weeknd.

Drake's esteem for the Weeknd is nothing new. Below, we've got a video (also via the Daily Swarm) of Drake onstage at a show back in March. In the clip, Drake heartily endorses the Weeknd, calls singer Abel Tesfaye "somebody I love with all my heart," and recommends that the entire crowd go home and download the Weeknd's BNM'ed mixtape House of Balloons if they aren't too drunk after the show. He then invites Tesfaye onstage, and the two spend a few seconds dancing lustily to "What You Need".

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lloyd - Private Dancer

New Music From Lloyd

The Weeknd On MTV News [Video]

I Dig the Weeknd...Caseclosed...

MTV News’ Aliya Jasmine recently took it upon herself to discuss the enormous hype and intrigue surrounding Canadian sensation The Weeknd and his House Of Balloons mixtape. In the above video, she attempts to explain the unique sound of The Weeknd, while summarizing some of the knee-jerk reactions to the R&B artist that has seemingly come out of no where. In related news, The Weeknd recently revealed that the second part of his three part trilogy of release is on the way and is called Thursday. Stay tuned..

J. Cole Responds to Rumors of Jay-Z Being Angry

In a recent interview, J. Cole responds to the rumors that Jay-Z is mad at him.

J. Cole recently caught up with Hot 93.7's On-Air Idiot Show following a performance at Central Connecticut State University. During the interview, the Roc Nation signee responded to rumors that Jay-Z is upset with him for taking as long as he has to release his debut album. Cole said that while he finds it funny that the rumor actually exists, it's absolutely false.

"Y'all believe that?" he joked. "That's not true. That's so not true. It was a cool rumor, I guess. It didn't really get too big, but I've seen. It's just funny to see how rumors work, like, they don't even have sources. But it's the furtherest thing from the truth."

J. Cole also discussed how signing with Jay has affected his work ethic. He said that while some artists may feel secure about joining forces with such an established artist, Cole says that it has only pushed him to work even harder on his debut project.

"My attitude has actually been the opposite [of many of my peers]," he said. "Even though I've with Jay[-Z]...from the minute I signed, I didn't feel like, 'Oh, I'm on now, I'm good. I'm with Jay.' If anything, I've felt at a disadvantage because that's a big shadow to live under...When you've got the type of goals that I've got and you want to be where I am, you've got to understand, there's going to be a long journey and no man can get you there. I just realized, Jay-Z's not going to be the one to get me there. It's gotta be me, it's got to come from me."